AboutWhy Sekund?

With the widespread use of social platforms, publishing content has become commonplace and, increasingly, meaningless. By anchoring the act of sharing to a PKM system, telling others what you think suddenly becomes relevant again.

The best ideas can change who we are. But it can take time for them to permeate our lives and to change our habits. In today's world, ideas have become a commodity. In an online social landscape driven by advertisement profits, successful content is almost by definition ephemeral.

PKM software, e.g. Obsidian, Notion or Roam Research, is, in many respects, the opposite to the mainstream social platforms. People often refer to them as their “Second brain”, a place where permanence is key, where old ideas can be easily recalled and recontextualized.

Second, unlike social media, which mostly rests on the dopamine-release mechanisms of Like'ing and being Like'd, a PKM is rewarding in itself. In other words, a PKM is conducing to the development of a genuine craft. A craft aimed at becoming a more knowledgeable person, a better parent, husband or wife. A better citizen.

Sekund aims at providing a reliable infrastructure for helping people to share their ideas from within their PKM environment of choice, so that others can make it a part of their own system.

It is our hope that spreading ideas in this way not only escapes the mainstream advertising profit driven zeitgeist, it allows people to improve their knowledge and their understanding of the world, collectively.

And maybe, hopefully, to improve society a tiny bit.