How does it work?

Basic usage

Sekund lets you share individual / atomic notes with any user or group in a specific workspace. There is a public workspace accessible to all, but private workspaces can also be created. A shared note will include media dependencies and possible note inclusions (![[included note]]).

At this stage, Sekund will not attempt to share dependent notes – aka backlinks. In the future, it will be possible to specify nested notes, up to level 1 or maybe 2. This means that any user continues to control 100% of their PKM's graph. Sekund does not support publishing a Digital Garden.

In a workspace, any user can create any number of groups and invite other users to become members of these groups. Only invited members will see the groups they are a part of.

The future

Sekund will include a publication mechanism:

  • for sharing public links – a public link is a long url that no one can guess but which gives unauthenticated access to a specific note
  • for sharing notes for the public interest: these notes will be searchable and importable, meaning that any Sekund user will be able to import these notes and make it a part of their PKM. Those uses will be tracked and will give more "value" to a note, eventually making it into an Evergreen note.

Architectural overview

Sekund uses MongoDB Realm at the back end to manage data persistence, user management, authentication and authorizations. It also leverages Realm's collection watching mechanism to provide instant updates to users, e.g.:

  • when user A shares a note with B, B will see that note instantly
  • when user A updates a note that B is looking at, the note is instantly updated
  • when user A comments one a note that B shared with them, B receives an instant notification, in the form of a colored "badge"

Sekund publishes a "default" workspace called "sekund", but other workspaces can be created on demand if needed. For each workspace, there is an instance of the Realm backend, which makes it relatively easy to create multiple workspaces.

The future

Support for end-2-end encryption will be added in the near future.

The plugin should be ported to other PKM platforms as soon as possible, like Dendron and Foam.